OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability

On April 8th 2014, Compsoft became aware of a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL library used by Equinox for secure connections to the Equinox server or web server.

This vulnerability does not affect the OpenSSL version used by Equinox 5.

Equinox 6 builds 4136 through 4156 inclusive are affected, however Compsoft is not aware of any customers using these builds with secure connections in a live environment.

Equinox 6 builds 4157 and following use OpenSSL 1.0.1g which contains a fix for the problem. We aim to release this build as soon as possible and will send it to all customers who have purchased Equinox 6.

See for more information.

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This site replaces and is your “one stop shop” for all things Equinox. The Supported Customers area provides all the Support resources you are used to (Morpheus, Knowledgebase & Builds), and our Downloads will tell you anything you need to know about Equinox 6. We hope you like the new look!

Version 6 Has Arrived

We are delighted to announce that Equinox 6 is now shipping!

Equinox 6 has been a major development project for Compsoft, and delivers substantial benefits for both developers and customers in the following areas:

  • 64-bit compatibility
  • Enhanced Data caching
  • Improved network performance
  • Multiple concurrent forms and activities
  • Large integer support
  • Method language improvements

Click Here for a full detailed features list.

We also have a new website coming soon

Version 6 Is On Its Way

Version 6 brings Equinox firmly into the 64 bit environment, with ports of all executables to Win64. That has allowed a new record cache implementation to take advantage of the extra memory available. The previous record caching system has been disabled since version 2.x, so the new implementation provides almost all users with significant speed improvements, especially when combined with the port to Win64.

The cache system works in both client server and single user, Win32 and Win64. Reading at start-up happens in the background, and thus there is no start-up delay. It is extensible to incorporate future support for BLB files; this feature when implemented will improve the speed of the transaction manager. Indexes are cached using the system implemented in version 5, which is unchanged.

We are working on finalising further additions in response to customer requests, and hope to make more announcements in the near future.

July Update: Equinox on 64 bit Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

UPDATE: July, 2010.

Further to development and testing, the latest released build of Equinox (Build 3860) includes some changes that have improved the performance on win 64 bit platforms in our test environment. We are now no longer experiencing an issue on our 64 bit test systems, so if you are experiencing problems then upgrading to this Build may help.

If you do upgrade and continue to encounter problems then could you please update me with the details?

Thanks, Mark, Head of Support, Compsoft


April 20, 2010. Customers have reported problems running the Equinox client in the 64 bit versions of the following products:

Windows 7
Windows Server 2008 R2

The client may hang during normal operation. The symptoms are that physical memory usage rapidly increases to 100% and CPU usage remains very high for anything up to a number of minutes.

Under Terminal Services, only a small number of clients (3-6) are able to start before similar symptoms occur.

Equinox uses a very small amount of memory, typically less than 10Mb, so it appears currently that there is an unexpected interaction between the Equinox 32 bit process and WOW64 – the 32 bit process interface, most likely either during display processing or memory management. Compsoft R&D has determined that the Equinox client is not attempting to allocate the memory directly. The next step is to produce a minimal test program that will produce the same symptoms, and if this is successful then raise the issue with Microsoft Support.

As this may be a lengthy process, Compsoft advises that customers avoid running Equinox clients in these environments for the time being, and contact the Compsoft support team for detailed advice on their particular situation and requirements.