Latest News – May 2018

Latest Windows 10 update (1803)

In recent weeks, we have received a couple of reports of customers having issues connecting to the server, using a shared client after the latest Windows 10 update (1803) is installed.

Before the update, a client workstation using a shared client on the server can connect to the application server without error.  After the update is installed and with no other changes to the setup, that same client machine then sees the standard network connection error shown below:


We are investigating the Windows update in order to try and resolve this issue, however the workaround in the meantime is to copy the client to the local machine.  This will then allow the connection successfully.

Obsolete Ini Keys

If you are having issues with your server appearing to freeze during very large processing, we recommend you check your application ini file for the following two ini keys:

  • RecordAutomaticClose=
  • DirectoryUpdateInterval=

If you find either of these keys, then we recommend you remove it from the ini file and restart the Equinox service.  After some recent investigations we have discovered that these ini keys have been the cause of some speed issues in the server.

These ini keys were originally created back as far as version 3, system environments have moved on quite a lot since then and therefore these ini keys are no longer required. As of build 4210 of V6 these ini keys have been made obsolete so even if they exist in your ini file, they will be ignored.


Equinox 7 Interim Beta

Compsoft has today released an Interim Beta version of Equinox 7. The Interim Beta contains a sub-set of the final version 7 features and has been created to enable developers to test these features well in advance of release, currently scheduled for Q4 2018. A feature-complete Beta version will be produced closer to the release date.

If you would like to become a Beta Tester or to find out more about the features in the Interim Beta, please contact