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Latest Equinox 5 Build Released (3915)

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest build of Equinox 5 (3915).  The only change in this build is an upgrade of the build environment to Visual Studio 2008, which allows the continued maintenance and creation of new builds as necessary.  This new build also comes with EqlSLib.dll in the executable folder.

As you know, the number of Equinox 5 builds is now becoming less frequent and we only produce a V5 build for major issues affecting systems.  Any reported bugs will only be fixed in V6 from now on so this is likely to be the last build of V5.


We have made a change in the list view of the Equinox Knowledgebase to provide a new column showing which versions of Equinox an article is written for – this is to enable you to determine whether an article is valid for your current version(s).  We are gradually working through the articles and adding a version value to them. Please note that several of the articles have not been not marked as applicable to version 6.x solely because the external declarations have not yet been updated – please contact support if you’d like more information on this.

There are also 2 new articles since the last newsletter:

  • Improved Unique ID Creation Code
  • Generate Random Strong Password