Version 6 Is On Its Way

Version 6 brings Equinox firmly into the 64 bit environment, with ports of all executables to Win64. That has allowed a new record cache implementation to take advantage of the extra memory available. The previous record caching system has been disabled since version 2.x, so the new implementation provides almost all users with significant speed improvements, especially when combined with the port to Win64.

The cache system works in both client server and single user, Win32 and Win64. Reading at start-up happens in the background, and thus there is no start-up delay. It is extensible to incorporate future support for BLB files; this feature when implemented will improve the speed of the transaction manager. Indexes are cached using the system implemented in version 5, which is unchanged.

We are working on finalising further additions in response to customer requests, and hope to make more announcements in the near future.